Mission Statement

"We believe that getting a quality individualised new home or renovation should be a stress free experience.  We motivate our clients to create the home that they want, ensuring that quality is always standard.  We introduce our clients to innovative products and take seriously the task of sticking to your budget.  Thriving on your satisfaction we are in the business of creating dream homes"

About Calibre Homes

Why we're here

Calibre Homes was started in 2009.  The team had built extensively in the Auckland region over the last 20 years but the time had come to set up under its own name.  Calibre Homes wanted to be able to offer their exemplary building style and gain recognition in thier own right.

The market was in downturn and sadly lacking in more personalised building companies like Calibre Homes.  People wanting to build were being pigeon holed into designs that the bigger building franchises could easily and cheaply build.  Calibre Homes wanted to help people build quality individual homes

Calibre Homes have always enjoyed building for individuals.  New innovations, sites, new plans and new clients are what the company thrives on.  Creativity can still be possible on tight budget and quality is always to a high standard.

Why Work with Us?

We are an energetic, innovative company that's main priority is to deliver quality building work, on time and within our clients' budgets.  We believe that excellent communication with our clients and suppliers keeps the stress out of building and lets it be the exciting time that it should be. 

Your house is likely to be the most expensive item you will ever own and building or renovating it should be a good experience.  Calibre Homes proudly takes on this responsibility and can work with you right the way through from conception to hand over.

Thank You!

We really appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. To talk further about how we can work together, get in touch on free phone 021 915 616. We look forward to hearing from you!