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4It is not surprising that new build homes are a popular choice for many NZ families. Building your own home means you can get exactly what you want. You can make your dreams a reality, and we are the builders who will ensure it happens on time, within your budget, and to a level of quality you will be proud of.

At Calibre Homes, we have experience in a range of new build projects, including people who own land as well as those still looking for a suitable block. We have also completed projects for landowners who have subdivided, sold their existing site, and built a new home on the remaining section. Whatever your situation, we can help.

We have experience building a range of home types, too, from smaller homes that are low maintenance if you are downsizing, to large homes if you need a house suitable for your growing family. We also have experience building a range of house styles, including traditional Kiwi designs, modern designs, and architectural designs that feature cutting-edge styles and unique materials.

We’d love to find out more about where you are at with your new build project to see how we can help. Get in touch with us today to speak to a member of our team.

Tailored Services

We’ll tailor our services according to the requirements of our customers when we build new homes in Auckland. This includes:

  • Design and build services where we will use our contacts in the industry to appoint an architect to create plans for your new house. We also have access to ready-made plans that can get the construction work underway faster while also reducing costs.
  • Turnkey homes where everything is completely ready for you to move into after we’ve finished, including decorating and applying the finishing touches.
  • More traditional building services where we project manage the job and handle all the construction work.

How the Process Works

  • Initial meeting – we’ll set up an initial meeting when you first get in contact with us. At this meeting, we’ll find out more about what you are planning and how far you have progressed. We’ll also be able to give you advice on how to achieve the home and features that you want within your budget.
  • Design – if you have plans, we can skip this stage. If you don’t, we’ll provide whatever assistance we can to get your plans ready, either working with your architect or helping you find one.
  • Pricing – once you have the plans and specifications finalised, we can provide you with a price for the work.
  • Planning – we’ll get all the necessary contracts in place so there is full transparency in the process, and we’ll then start planning and scheduling the construction work.
  • Building – our team will then complete all aspects of the build, ensuring quality workmanship at every stage.
  • Move in – we’ll make sure you are completely happy with everything before we mark the project as complete. All that’s needed then is for you to move into your new home!

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